About me


kanqI am a Delhi based makeup artist. After completing my graduation from Delhi University and completing Level II in IATA,  I decided to follow my passion to be a Professional Makeup Artist In India. In order to be a professional make-up artist, I joined Makeup Studio Training Center which is certified by Anbos, Dutch Association of Beauticians.

After completing my training as a professional makeup artist, I started to take diverse range of assignments based on my artistic ability ranging from high fashion to basic makeup. I have also done makeup of brides from all across India and have received accolades for my work, which will help me to be a best Bridal Makeup Artist In India.

My approach towards makeup is to enhance the way a person looks so that the best features of a person are highlighted. I do this by using high quality products chosen based upon each individuals requirements.

My area of expertise includes Fashion and Bridal makeup. I have a very professional approach and I make sure that I work really closely on by my attention to detail. I ensure that whatever makeup I do, I deliver the best work possible to enhance the way a person looks.

I am confident and strive to deliver the perfect, flawless and fine makeup which is required by photographers as well as clients as this is what the need of the hour is in today’s world of fashion.

As a human being, I value the importance of family, traditions and relationships.  I am an optimist and like to live life with simplicity and honesty.